Can Oysters Increase Male Libido or Sex Drive?

Oysters are the notorious love foods. They have long enjoyed the reputation of being an aphrodisiac. There are many tales about this food how it can ignite sexual passion and make you perform better in bed.

The fact is that oysters are rich in zinc. This is why they are a great love food. Zinc is the most important trace mineral that your body requires for the production of the male sex hormone testosterone. It not only helps boost testosterone production but also helps increase semen volume and sperm count. No doubt, it is great for improving fertility in men.

There are some other foods as well that can help increase testosterone and male sex drive or libido. Animal protein like lamb, beef etc., is another great source of zinc and so are bananas.

So, if you really want to boost your performance in bed, you know what you should be eating.

Over and above, there are some natural supplements that can also be a big help. Such supplements are a great source of herbs and other nutrients that can increase testosterone production, improve blood flow to the penis and not only increase libido but also ensure rock hard erections.

One of the best supplements for men that can boost libido is Provacyl.

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It is in fact the complete anti aging supplement for men since it not only enhances testosterone production but also stimulates growth hormone production so that you can overcome age effects.

As far as enhancing libido and treating erectile dysfunction is concerned, there is another fruit that can be quite effective- Pomegranate.

Pomegranate juice not only increases sex drive in men but also helps increase the production of nitric oxide which helps in increasing blood flow to the penis ensuring stiffer and longer lasting erections.

MaleExtra is the only male enhancement pill that contains Pomegranate 70% Ellagen as the key ingredient and produces very fast results without any side effects.

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